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Sleepwell Mattress

The Sleepwell mattress is widely recognized as one of the premier mattresses in the world, and their back support range can offer excellent support to persons suffering from back related problems.

Sleepwell Mattress - Background Information

sleepwell mattressSleepwell mattresses are a product of India, and offer excellent back support for very reasonable prices. These mattresses are designed to offer correct posture for the back and spine during rest and sleep, and are orthopedically designed to produce an orthopedic mattress that will offer excellent support to your back.

The Sleepwell mattress is available for orthopedic use are the Durafirm Spine Care Flexi Coir, a mattress designed for maximum comfort, and utilizing a coir and super bond inner core. The offer of a five year guarantee makes them a good purchase for the cost conscious buyer. Available as a 4" thick mattress.

The Durafirm Flexi Puff is the second support specific mattress from Sleepwell. It promises maximum support and to keep the spine healthy by providing orthopedically correct spinal support. It utilizes Super Bond Flexi Puf materials in the construction and is quilted with premium jacquard fabric. This is a good model as it offers 3 thicknesses - 4,5 & 6". Again, a five year guarantee provides piece of mind for the purchaser.

As well as these specific back support mattresses, Sleepwell also offer a great range of premium range models which utilize some space age technology in the construction process. The Impression model uses a material based on NASA's Visco Elastic Temperature Sensitive Material in the construction. The mattress promises to sense and shape to you body contours and reduce pressure on the body's joints. It claims to enhance deep sleep and help you and your body to beat fatigue and stress. It also will improve blood circulation to aid good health.

Sleepwell Mattress Models

The Regal model from the Impression range is a 6" thick mattress. The Majesty model offers 8 inches of mattress, with both models offering premium fabric and quilting. A 10 year guarantee is offered with both models.

The Latex Plus (Bounce Back To Life) Sleepwell mattress model offers superior bounce and uses natural latex to reduce pressure. It comes with a five year guarantee and is available in 5", 6", and 8" thicknesses. Latex mattresses have become very popular in recent times due to the amazing comfort they offer to their users. The Latex Plus is no exception.

sleepwell mattressesThe Duet Dual Comfort mattress is another premium item from the Sleepwell company. These offer the added advantage of a firm AND soft side to allow for individual comfort and preference. It is quilted on both sides and comes in a 5" thickness as standard. The firm side is manufactured of a super bond material, with the soft side produced with Latex Plus. A great mattress for everyone.

We hope this brief review of some of the products on offer from Sleepwell has interested you. They are an excellent quality product available online at competitive prices. Sleepwell also offer a good range of pillows and accessories alongside their mattress range. Their heated mattress cover offers great advantages to users and is a popular product. If you are looking for a good night sleep, consider a sleepwell mattress.

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